NAPIBOWRIWEE 2013: Extra Contest Winners Announced & Final Wrap-Up!

NAPlogoFBHi! Welcome to our final official NAPIBOWRIWEE 2013 blog. This is an extra blog to announce the winners of a special EXTRA contest we held last week with author JULIE HEDLUND (link here:

(Keep reading after the jump to find out who won!)

As you know, every year from May 1-7, I host a fun international event called NATIONAL PICTURE BOOK WRITING WEEK (AKA “NaPiBoWriWee”). It’s where I encourage both newbies and veterans to challenge themselves to write 7 picture books in 7 days. The goal is to fight off procrastination, encourage folks to learn what it’s like to write every single day no matter what, and to have hopefully up to seven rough first drafts that you can go back and revise throughout the year. The event was started in 2009 and has been going strong for five years so far. (For more info, go here:

Our NAPIBOWRIWEE event also has a fun contest every year where participants’ names are drawn at random for fun prizes at our STORE ( and with autographed books from myself and guest authors.

This year, the theme for NAPIBOWRIWEE was “The Future of the Picture Book” in which I asked our guest authors to discuss the future of picture books given the economy, the chaos in the book industry, and the rise of eBooks and computer apps. Everyone gave such amazing and thoughtful answers and predictions. The last blog for May 8th featured author JULIE HEDLUND who truly represents the FUTURE with her journey as both a traditional picture book writer as well as a writer who has sold computer apps for the iPad and other electronic tablets.

Julie’s interview is here:

Julie graciously offered two prizes – copies of  is her story book app called A TROOP IS A GROUP OF MONKEYS. Link on iTunes ( It is the first in a trilogy coming out this year from Little Bahalia Publishing ( The second app, A SHIVER OF SHARKS, will be out at the end of May.

NAPIBOWRIWEE participants were encouraged to post comments specifying they would like to be included in the contest. Winners were to be announced on May 15th in a special blog announcement.

Well, without further ado… HERE ARE THE WINNERS!

Julie selected the two winners by using Drum roll, please…





CONGRATULATIONS! Stacey and Meg, we will get in touch with you shortly to make arrangements for your prize delivery. Thanks again to EVERYONE who participated in this drawing. And thank you to Julie Hedlund for her generosity.


Well, this is it for NAPIBOWRIWEE 2013! Feel free to explore the NaPiBoWriWee blog ( archives for all the author interviews conducted over the years. I will keep everyone posted about our 2014 NAPIBOWRIWEE event next year. For souvenirs, please visit our STORE here:

In the meantime, you can follow me for the rest of the year on Twitter @paulayoo. And my cat@oreothecatyoo.

I also post blogs regularly on my non-NaPiBoWriWee normal blog here: (You can also comment on my regular blog but you don’t have to go through a whole registration process like you do for NaPiBoWriWee. The SPAM filters are pretty user friendly on my other blog.)

For fun cat videos of my Oreo, Beethoven, and Charlotte, please follow me on YOUTUBE here:

Congratulations again to everyone who participated in this year’s event. Please keep me posted on how the revisions go on your 7 picture book drafts and it’s not too early to start planning for next year! Start brainstorming those ideas now! 🙂

Until the next NAPIBOWRIWEE, remember… Happy Writing! WRITE LIKE YOU MEAN IT! 🙂


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